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"Well Bought" 1987 Shelby GLHS


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Someone got a deal on 1987 Shelby GLHS #602 at the 2015 Las Vegas Barrett-Jackson auction.


The car had only 11,000 miles and hammered at $8,500


Once the seller fee's are subtracted the owner probably would have done better on ebay as I'm sure they could have sold it on ebay for more than their $7k net from B-J.



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Todays younger people that love compacts think a 4 door is a desirable race car......... Can't under stand why anyone would want my 86 more. I in fact had a 2 door and loved it when I bought my 86 and I got the 86 because I was raising 3 boys on my own and wanted them all to have their own doors lol. Other than my 89 CSX that I love the car to own is the 87 GLHS, can't see why they lack the love. Last nice one here in town the kid sold it because he wanted 4 doors lol, confused....

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