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Adjustable UCA Twist


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Purchased a BMR adjustable upper control arm for my 2007 GT-500. When looking at it, it dawned on me that there is no way the adjustment locking nuts will stop the control arm from easily twisting, and most likely working the lock nuts loose, when the rear axle twists (unequal lateral motion at wheels).


Am I missing something here?


PS: Also purchased an upgraded UCA differential bushing. How do I get the OEM bushing out?


Thanks for the replies in advance.

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Which BMR UCA did you get - the one with a polyurethane bushing or the one with a spherical end? Either way - the OEM upper differential bushing has a void in it on the top and bottom side so as to alleviate any load on the UCA during any axle articulation. The OEM bushing in the OEM UCA has voided areas front and rear for alleviation of load which is due mostly from axle wrap on acceleration/deceleration. IMO as long as you have the OEM differential bushing in your vehicle or perhaps a spherical bearing/bushing to replace the OEM differential bushing then you do not and will not have a concern towards the issue of the locknuts backing off on the UCA. However if you have an adjustable UCA with a polyurethane bushing and you have a one or two piece polyurethane upper differential bushing then you are inviting trouble with having the locknuts backing off. Most will go with a polyurethane bushing in the UCA and leave the stock bushing in the upper differential mount location or go with a spherical end on the UCA and a two or three piece polyurethane bushing in the upper differential mount location. IMO - it is BEST to use an adjustable UCA with a polyurethane bushing and use a spherical bearing at the upper differential location. BMR makes a good adjustable UCA with a polyurethane bushing and Steeda makes a good spherical bearing/bushing for the upper differential mount. You should upgrade to a 2011 - 2014 BMR UCA and UCM for your 2007 which is well worthwhile if you have done any engine an/or driveline modifications. HTH

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I agree with Albino. The larger/more robust 2011-up is a nice upgrade for the 2007-2010 GT500.


The side-by-side difference(s) shown below...............




As for the twisting motion, the "jamb nuts" are securely tightened against the end pieces, and I also marked the nut and the end piece at each end just for a verification "at a glance".........




..............and for either set-up, that 45 degree angled grease fitting shown above, positioned conveniently, is Great!!



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