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Is Shelby trying the Harley Davidson biz model?


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With the increase in mod shops and now quite a range of car offerings (sort of different lipstick on the same pig) is Shelby trying the Harley model of multiple distributerships? More merchandise will be sold, people will collect shirts from Shelby England and Germany etc. Maybe it'll increase the cult following like Harley had done.


Certainly better more reliable bikes than a Harley but they have heritage and a distinctive sound and feel. Anybody think this is the road being taken?

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I don’t know if they are following Harley’s “business model”, but they are definitely changing (actually, maybe growing is a better word than changing) their marketing approach. Just as Ford has positioned the new Mustang as a World Car, and for the first time is heavily marketing it outside of North America, so too go the opportunities for Shelby American. With more Mustangs going into England, Europe, Asia, Australia, the potential market for reaching additional Shelby fans also increases. Mod Shops and ‘lifestyle boutiques’ (similar to what Harley does), are being established all over the globe. Here is a link to the announcement in case you missed it…http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/88998-shelby-american-and-carroll-shelby-licensing-continue-international-expansion-with-new-global-mod-shops/

Not like I need any more T-shirts (in fact, Mrs. Z made a rule that for every new one I get, and old one has to go…fair enough….some are worn out anyway), but collecting Shelby shirts from mod-shops around the world would be fun. Making some new Shelby friends in different countries, and trading shirts from your local shop, would also be fun. I’ll just need them to ensure that the ones I get written in Arabic or Chinese, don’t say anything inappropriate. :whistling:



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