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2007 Throwout Bearing failed


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I had a new McCloud clutch installed several years ago for my 2007 GT500 (141k miles now) and yesterday the Throwout Bearing failed. Has anyone else had that happen to them? It has about 15k miles on it since the McCloud was installed. I was getting on the freeway and all of a sudden the clutch pedal went totally limp! Going to have to have my local shop do it for me as I just can't do clutch stuff on my back in the driveway.


1st time I have had to have it towed to the shop...although the tow truck driver, who has a 2001 5.0, said I could have driven/shifted it without using the clutch?


MSB Mustang 54 / Mark

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I did just check the forum and I posted back in June of 2012 that the McCloud clutch install was done at 135K miles. So the throwout bearing only lasted 6K miles! Total cost for parts and labor to fix the clutch $850. Seems like it should not have failed that soon!?

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Lastly, Is there a better/more reliable/higher performance replacement throwout bearing to go with my 1000hp RXT McLeod clutch?

I believe that McLeod has one. As an aside, I've logged many miles without a clutch including commuter traffic. If you have to come to a stop, you turn the car off and put it in first.When you're ready to go you start it up, in first. Then you just feel the next gears in.



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