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Watts Link with Boss 302 Finned Differential Cover


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Has anyone done an install of the Shelby Watts Link on a car fitted with the Boss 302 Finned Differential Cover? According to Shelby the Watts Link fits but we're doing an install on a 2010 that has the finned differential cover and the clearance is tight. The space between the propeller bolt and the fins are maybe a 1/8". We are not sure this is enough once we get the car on the track. We think the axle will flex and the propeller bolt will rub the cover and cause damage to the underlying differential assembly. Anyone else done the install and if so how did you handle the clearance?


We are thinking of grinding down the fins that are the closest but aren't sure how much of the fin we can grind down before impacting the integrity of the cover and how much clearance we need to insure the differential cover and propeller bolt don't touch.. Thoughts on this?



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