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2006 Heritage Ford GT For Sale


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I've decided to sell the GT. I'd been trying to do it low key for a while, not being real sure, but I've decided to do it. After a near tragic event at the Vegas Ford GT Rally last October I've decided I just can't drive the car in the Las Vegas traffic, and so I've put maybe 50 miles on it this year (since I got the license plates in December).


You've all seen pictures of them and it so I'm not going to bother. There are plenty here.


Oh I forgot: about 4700 miles. Mods include


GT Guys pulley/tune/throttle body kit; 650rwhp 650 tq

Ford racing (Borla) muffler

Ford Racing short throw shifter

Ford Racing transmission cooler

2 x 6-point racing harnesses

clear bra

cosmetic mods like seat inserts and, polished shifter ball and shifter trim kit.

I'll probably throw in my helmet since I don't think I'll use it again.


My price is $450K.

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Wow! I kick myself non stop for not pulling the trigger when we could get them at a price I could swing. They just keep going up.


Me too, at one point you could have gotten a basically New one for $120-140K or so. They didn't stay that low for long, but they were that low at one point.

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This place is typically not a good place to sell something like this but who knows...   There isn't a for sale topic for GTs so this will do

The car is on consignment at Celebrity Cars in Las Vegas.  Price there is very mushy.  I'm going to take it back to bone stock before the plates come up and there will be a price reduction.  Contact me directly.


They did a face book video

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The car is one of the premier cars at the current (2019) Las Vegas Barrett Jackson.  Car will cross the block Saturday, 5-Oct.


My picture of the car made the front cover of the auction catalog.  Note, it is not the same picture I use as my Avatar with some Photoshop color correction. The images were taken about 10 minutes apart, with 20 or so other shots in between, it was only pure luck I landed back in the same spot.


front cover.jpg

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