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Nos Shelby Gt-H Item I Have Never Seen Before

Larry T

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I checked and its on page 37 of the 2008 SPP catalog but I have never seen one and I would think its one of the HTF Shelby GT-H items to find as it wasn't described very well



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Here is a photo from Shelby catalog Winter 2008. Does not show GT-H frame.



I took a second look at the catalog and the pictured looks strange, it looks like the plate is for the 40th of the GT500 1967-2007, but in speaking with the seller again these plates were part of a distributor package he received from Scott Drake and it had both kinds, the 40th for the GT-H 1966-2006 and the GT500 1967-2007.



Added below

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To post a picture:

In the lower right of the Reply to this topic box you'll see "More Reply Options"

Then you'll see Attach Files

Select Choose File and it will take you to your computer (I put the photo to put in the thread on my desk top}

also, The file must be smaller than 500kb

double click your photo

Now your back on the Reply page

click Attach This File

If the file is small enough, a thumbnail will show up above Attach Files

Click Add Reply

And it should show up as a thumbnail in your post


Having said all that, I would like to know how to post the photo so it shows up as a photo and not a thumbnail...



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I paid a tad more than that for the first one he sold, and yes, I really wanted it. Hadn't seen one of them on ebay before and I had a plan for it.


It could be a one off or promo ... I havent seen another one ever and I am on Ebay occasionally.

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