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2010 Mustang Gt - Rear Gear Swap


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I know it is not a Shelby but I thought I'd post and see if anyone has some thoughts. I have a 2010 GT manual with 72K miles. It has the stock 3.31 factory Gears in it and decided to upgrade to 3.73's. There were no issues with the 3.31's. No gear whine or anything unusual.


We did the change out to FRPP 3.73 gears using the updated Ford Racing Ring & Pinion Installation Kit w/ High Torque Bearing that is recommended for this change-out. We used the recommended Motorcraft rear end oil and the modifier went in. Car back on the road for a test drive and now we have a gear whine. Back on the lift, take it all a part, recheck all the measurements and shims/spacers. Everything looks fine. Back together, back on the road and still have the whine. One more time on the lift and still no luck getting rid of the whine. We are ordering a new 3.73 gear set as the thought is that maybe the set we got was off and that is the issue. The new gear set will go in sometime today.


The car is not lowered (yet) and is sitting on the factory suspension with the stock driveshaft.


I have had this swap done in two other Mustangs with no issues. The only difference is that this car is a higher mileage vehicle. With others having done this swap any thoughts on anything we may be missing? Anything else in the rear differential that could now be making the noise due to the new gear set that we should consider changing as well? We are heading into day 3 and we are running out of options...





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