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Wild West Auto Fest At Jefferson County Summerset Festival


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The annual Wild West Auto Fest will be held September 19th at Clement part at Bowles and Wadsworth. This year's show is going to be a bit different than all the years past. We are still expecting over 500 cars and from the feedback we have been receiving about the new format, I'm sure we will. All grass parking (weather permitting of course as always). This event is part of the Jefferson County Summerset Festival which is filled with food and many events for the family that makes this one always special for everybody. The huge difference this year is that entry will only be $10 to get on the field. The big difference is that there will not be class trophies. There will however be many great door prizes including sets of tires and many other great items. Most that we have been talking to think that this should really be a great way for a great show without having to worry about all of the craziness of getting ready for judging. Should be a great relaxing day with many great family events!




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