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The Germans Can't Figure It Out


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I've had my car at the shop now since the beginning of May.


I was at a car show in Bodensee, Germany. I had the keys in the ignition and somehow my battery was dead. I don’t know if the key was turned on or if something in the car caused the battery to be drained. I connected the battery to a battery charger for about 5 hours.


A couple of days later on the way home, the car was not acting right. In neutral the RPMs would go from 200 to 1100. While I was driving, the car would buckle like if it was not getting enough fuel. It would also backfire every once in a while.

I took it to a ford shop which told me that the only thing that they could see was a dead battery code. A couple of days later I changed the battery but the problem continued. I took it to another ford shop closer to my town and I was told that the problem was a dirty filter and a defective Mass Airflow Sensor. They changed it, but the problem still continued. I took it back to the shop. They said that the problem was the throttle body, I changed it, but the problem still continued. Them they said that it was the PCM computer, yes, I changed that too, and yes, the problem still continued. The shop also told me that my new battery was dead. They gave me a couple of print outs with the battery info. I took that info to the shop that sold me the battery on the military base that I work. The shop put the battery on a charger for 24 hours and told me that the battery was good.

We put that battery back into the Shelby.


The mechanics can't figure out what's wrong with the Shelby.


Three years ago I added:

American racing headers

Borla exhaust

oval throttle body

Shelby radiator

watts link

SCT tuner with custom tune (I set the car back to stock, and reloaded the custom tune several times already).


The Shelby has about 58,000 miles and it has never missed a service.


I can afford to be paying for all these "it may be the.....". I'm not a mechanic. I would appreciate any help from anyone on this forum. There's only a couple of months left of summer here and I would like to put the Shelby back on the road again.





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Have anyone put a ammeter test on the battery while its in the car (with ignition off) to see if there is excessive current draw? You could possibly have a shorted circuit somewhere.

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reload your sct tune to start. The idle surging problem sounds like issues with either the tune or oval throttle body / MAF / throttle position sensor.

^^^^^^ +1000

That was the first thing I thought of as well. If the Battery dies, it may have messed with the Tune.

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I think it is implied that the car ran well before the car-show incident (dead battery); if the tune worked OK at one time, it might not be the problem.


I'd go back to the basics, the very basics: check all the grounds for physical and electrical continuity.

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Is your car stll in Germany?


If yes, go to


Peter Schropp Fahrzeugtechnik

Im Vogelsang 17

71101 Schönaich, Germany.

info@schropp-tuning.com Tel: +49 (0) 7031 413388



He is close to the Bodensee region as well and will find the problem for sure! German Ford Dealers are not familiar with the Shelby at all (very less exceptions), but Peter Schropp is the ultimate specialist.


Greez, Albert from Germany

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