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Dyno Time.

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Guess the RWHP. Here are the mods.

2010 Ford Shelby GT 500 aka "Black Mamba"

6,700 original miles

Number #705 of 865 made of this color and model

3.6 Liquid Cooled Kenne Bell Mammoth Polished Supercharger

Large CAI with K/N air filter

20.8 PSI of boost

Nitrous Express Lighting Carbon Fiber Pro-Power solenoids fuel/nitrous-Full kit

Nitrous Express Carbon Fiber purge vented out of cobras mouth in front grill

Customer Nitrous Express switch panel in center console

Nitrous Express billet aluminum bottle brackets rubber lined

6 AN feed line from bottle to solenoids

Nitrous Express silver aluminum blow down safety tube

100 shot

10 Ribbed belt

Injector Dynamics 725 injectors

3.62 pulley

3.55 rear end gears

6 speed Tremec transmission

Hurst line lock

Afco dual pass with dual fan heat exchanger

NGK BR7EF plugs

Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump

Motor dropped 1/2 inch with billet motor mounts

BMC Shelby GT500 Super Snake functioning ram air hood

Diablo sport MAFia for mass air flow re-calibrator

Custom race tune from Jon Lund

Dynoed by Maximum Velocity

Tuned and flashed using SCT X3

Steeda Shelby Adjustable Competition Upper Control Arm Kit

Steeda billet lower control arms with spherical bearings

Steeda billet lower control arm relocation brackets

American racing headers 1 7/8 with high flow catted H pipe

Borla exhaust

Mega tips 2.5

Brembo 4 piston brakes in the front

MGW short throw shifter-

HID headlights

Auto meter Carbon Fiber Electronic Boost gauge with warning and peak recall

Auto meter Carbon Fiber Electronic Fuel pressure

Auto meter Carbon Fiber Electronic Oil pressure

Auto meter Carbon Fiber Wide band air/fuel ratio with peak recall and alarm left bank

Auto meter Carbon Fiber Wide band air/fuel ratio with peak recall and alarm right bank

Auto meter Carbon Fiber Electronic nitrous pressure gauge

3 in Speed of sound pillar

3 on dash Ford Racing dash pod

Optima Red Top reverse terminal battery

Navigation and electronics package with Shaker 500 radio

Shelby carbon fiber functioning lip spoiler

Black on black with black matted racing stripes

5% double layer window solar tint

Shelby GT500 windshield eyebrow

Mickey Thompson ET 2 Street Radial's 305/35/19 on 19x9.5 Factory Shelby rims in the rear

Goodyear Supercar F1 265/35/19 on 19x7.5 on Factory Shelby rims in the front

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Stock bottom end. 110 octane. I believe his name was Tim. I am using Ed Martinez in OKC at PSE Superchargers. Not to sure the model of his dyno. Its going to get retuned in two weeks for the spray tune. The last time she put down 713 on 19.6psi on 93 octane. airfuel was at 13.7 last time as well. Hopping for a better tune and numbers this time.

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gentlemen, lets get real here,do you really think he is going to get 900 rwhp, my car and all other 2010 gt 500s from factory have give or take from 475 to 490 rwhp stock. i have headers, mid pipe ,corsa, pulley, tune ,cai, with a conservative tune ,i got just about 540 rwhp, now with his supercharger upgrade , injectors etc and what ever else that goes with that upgrade, not including 100 shot , just that up grade do you really think he is going to jump from 490 rwhp to 900 rwhp, thats is not real, the 700 to 740 range is a more realistic # with the numbers he posted 713 hp thats over a 200 hp increase, ( thats not enough) im not a tuner but have been around my car and other 500s with these mods and there is no way you are going to go from stock 470-490 ( factory) with those mods to 900 hp , not real, i dont think he said he was, but said it was going to be retuned, im not the expert but thats not going to happen ,a 400 plus increase ? come on i dont think he thinks that is possible. i will state just this last thing , i was going to put a 2.9 whipple with all the other goodies injectors, buster pump bigger cai,ford racing throttle body tune, and not a very agressive tune , from a well known tuner and was told i would go from the 540 i have now to a realistic 630 to 650 at the highest,why because our motors cant handle to much more without breaking, now you can get a tuner that will push the limits of your motor at your cost or we can be real and not have to replace the motor. i say all of this with our motors being stock with no bottom end changes . hope i dont get to much negative feed back from my post , withall the different variables of of the day of the dyno,meanging temp ,air fuel ratio , dyno type etc not not sure the 700s are a real #,im going to shut up now , i think i dug a big enough hole for myself .

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You are correct. 900 isn't going to happen. A 50 shot on a blown motor will normally drop you et a half second and add around 75ish horsepower. The 2010 bottom end will break pass 830 ish to the ground. That is the number the good guys over at Kenne Bell quoted and have seen over and over. They have one black one tuned to 800hp and have put over 40k miles. They had another one they went to 850 and got 30 miles out of. Realistically shooting for 800 rwhp flat. Most GT500 that hit 700+ with light mods are pushing there air fuel ratio to around 15.7 waaaaay to lean for anyone's liking. But 725 motor and 800 spray is the goal.

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Now if the bottom end was strong absolutely my build could hit 900 if nor more. That 3.6 is rated to 1300hp it's self with out spray. Now would it need more mods to hit that absolutely. I'm not stupid. But a mild cam and a bottom end yes I could hit 900 on motor alone.

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black , your right with the bottom end and some extras you can get there, but there are a lot of guys with our cars who think that just these bolts on supercharges pullley ,tune etc ,that they are going to get all these crazy rwhp numbers, and some shops and tuners mislead them , as we know not all dynos give true readings , my tune is very consevative and i did not do a whipple yet , but i want some more power but also do not want break the motor, but good luck with your new tune

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Not an expert, & I know nothing about Nitrous, however:

As both of my cars make over 750 without a shot, he could see 840/850.....................if they keep the revs low ( 6100 )


My 14 base-lined @ 585, ( DynoJet ), has a 3.4 Whipple & other supporting mods, saw 818 & the tuner backed it down to 780..( same dyno, 93 tune )

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