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Should I Buy?? 2010 Gt500 Available


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Friend / neighbor has a meticulous 2010 GT500.

Totally stock, one owner.


Around 25,000 miles.

He's an X pro rider / driver (GP bikes, SCCA, etc.)

Knows and CARES about his machines

(His "garage" has Amazing stuff....)

Wants to sell his 2010 GT500.


What "ISSUES" are there for the 2010?

What should I look into? ask about?....what are the common "fixes"?


Also...just what is a "good" price?


Any and all help GREATLY appreciated.....


Thanking one and all ahead of time.....



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i have a 2010 , i have had no issues with mine , im sure there no recalls , like all of us gt 500 owners which ever year you have is the look that you prefer ,i like all of them ,i like the rear of mine better than 07-09,but i like the front of 07-09 grill and hood just as much as mine, the 2010 interior imo is a little nicer , i dont want to offend the 07-09 owners ,the 2010 was the first year of change, there is a post in the 2010-2012 thats states all that the 2010 has,great info in that post,look for it ,its under something like (the 2010 is the most collectable out of this generation of gt 500 ) there are some negative responses and some positive ones,its not about which ones are more collectable ,its which body style you prefer, to me they all look great,and if you have a super snake they look great, in that case the 07-09 super snakes look the best of all imo , i hope that helps a little if you fine that post i am talking about that might help you decide ,good luck. as for price ,everyone wants top dollar,if the car is completly stock with no mods ,i would say or hope they would worth around 40,000 and up ,now my car has about 18,000 in upgrades done over the 6 years i have it,i also only have 7,000 miles on it , that was my choice to put that much into,it but i will not get that back if i where to sell it ,but i also would not sell mine for the price they are going for. good luck with your purchase

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I love the 2010 model, and went out of my way to buy that particular year. It's the rarest combo of the iron block with the new updates, making it a one year only run! I follow the prices on these years like a hawk. There has been a slight UP-tick in prices, and they have been holding their value since mid last year. 38k will be about the lowest price you will find for one in good condition. Anywhere between 38-39.5k, is about what it takes to own one. Special colors, command a little more. To all the other posters out there, YES you may find better deals, or paid less for yours, but I stand by my numbers.

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I forgot to add, there are no know issues with these cars, other than 2nd gear grinding under high rpm shifts, but a MGW shifter takes care of that, as well as 4qts of Amsoil ATF. If the previous owner was smart enough to not keep grinding 2nd, with no lift shifts, then you should be FINE.

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