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Sct X4 Timing Settings 91 Octane Program


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Trying to return the unit back to when I received it and think I remember the Global timing was set at -2.


The reason I ask is that after installing on car with other mods (pulley and CAI) I thought it was too much due to excessive rear wheel spin and called VMP who told me to reset the timing to 0.


Well, it wasn't the tires spinning it was the clutch burning up..


Clutch has been replaced and I never reset the timing with the X4.


I did call VMP today and spoke with Jason who said it doesn't matter and not to worry about it??

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Well I reset the timing to (-2) and reinstalled the program. Not sure if it was deleted somewhere (like at the dealer) when I had the clutch installed. But seems to have made a difference for the better. Wheel spin is back.. guess that's a good thing!

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