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Powerlease Question for anyone who knows

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Hi, new here, hows it going guys and gals? I have 3 deposits at 3 dealerships and I have a quick question about Powerlease. Is the Powerlease allocation over and above the existing allocations to the SVT dealership, President's Award, normal dealership? For example, if my SVT dealership is allocated 4 and they have 3 powerlease customers does that leave 1 or 4 for everyone else?





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Matt -

Heath is correct, it's an allocation from Ford. The dealer basically just accepts the car as a courtesy delivery from Ford. Car still has to be delivered to a dealer certified to sell GT500s, though. It has no negative effect on his allocation. PL holder can go to any dealer to get best deal, not limited to delaer who wrote up original PL.

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