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2005 Shelby Cs6 Convertible For Sale

Larry T

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This is one of our members UKPONY..


Great example of a complete turn II car and one of only a

few ever built on a convertible platform.. myself owning

one of the other ones.


Not only full turn II but custom interior as well.. worth every penny.

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I was able to buy it. Traveled to Canada and brought her home. She is now an American citizen! This CS6 is an extremely nice car and worth all the time and effort that went into buying her. Her name is Violet!


I bought her from UK PONY and he was a great guy to deal with and he is frequently on this site, thanks Steve!

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Thanks Larry T!


She is tucked away right now in my garage due to the pollen season here in SC. The pollen falls so hard vehicles get covered in a green/yellow hue.


I have a car show coming up in a week in which I plan on unveiling her to my Mustang club and I don't want Her to have a layer of pollen on her! So I have been starting her and driving her around the block just enough to get her warmed up.


Thanks to UKPONY, Violet was is showroom condition when we made the transaction.

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