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Muffler/baffles To Lower Db Levels, Ideas Needed

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I am planning on taking my 2012 shelby to a racetrack that has dB limit of 86dB!!!!!

To make matters more challenging I have installed:

1. Borla x-type race -NONCATTED- long tubes

2. Borla atak exhaust.


I love the sound of my gt500, i get tons of compliments. is there any way to muffle the sound for this event?

Any Ideas, please.



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You could idle around the racetrack, but that wouldn't be much fun. Seriously though unless maybe you can install your stock mufflers, I'm not sure what you could do. There are phone apps that measure decibels. You could see what your cars doing right now and then start experimenting. GL

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Believe the KR Mufflers would work, and would not effect your flow much.


If he has the oem diameter exhaust system on his 2012, I think it is 2.75", the KR's are 2.50".......I think? If I remember correctly, 2.75" started in 2011?






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