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Michelin Pilot Ss Track Day Use


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Last year I installed 4 Michelin Pilot Super Sports 275/35-18 on my 07 GT500. After several track day events, it's now apparent to me they were the wrong choice. The tires feel uncertain on the track. Wobbly in the corners and floaty at speed on the straights. I initially attributed that to their tread depth, but they feel the same even after wearing them down and heat cycling them. The car/tire combination leans too much in the corners. The PSS is of single ply sidewall construction and that's probably why they feel so vague. Nitto NT05 was the previous tire I was running and they felt much more secure, leaned less and responded quicker. The NT05 was a multi ply sidewall. The only advantage to the PSS is how smooth they are on the highway. I'll either go back to the Nitto's or try Dunlop Direzza Star Specs. The moral here is a single ply sidewall tire probably isn't a good choice for any track duty.

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I've read this before... that the Nitto tire is a better track tire.


But the NT05 is a track compound as well whereas the MPSS is not a track compound.


So it's kind of the right tire for the right job it seems.


NT05 is noiser and has less treadwear on the street and worse in the wet than the MPSS so for the street it seems the MPSS is the better choice, but for the track the NT05 is the ticket.

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