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Why Does Ts Keep Allowing Trolls To Post?

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After a long and exhausting battle with one of our former members "sideoiler" TS finally gave him the boot. For a while the forum was calm once again and everyone (for the most part) seemed to be getting along.


The a few weeks ago...or perhaps a month, a new guy by the name of Kxbyrns0mj72h53 shows up and proceeds to start up where sideoiler left off. However, many of us knew the two were actulay one in the same.


It's been a while now and the mods seem to be unaware of his antics or they just don't care. He was tossed off here once before so why is it they wait so long to toss him again? Perhaps they enjoy the banter or the insults? I don't know.


For me, all is shows is a lack of respect for the other members who have to deal with his rubbish.



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