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Not Sure What To Say...


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Thank you for ruining my lunch. Yes, it's their car to do as they please but that is in poor taste and I ride a Harley. I love the Brembo stickers on stock calipers. I would have never found that car on ebay without you help.

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Did this thing sell?


Looks as if it wouldn't be too much trouble to replace the colorful interior stuff. That's the only part that would bother me when I'm driving. When I'm driving I can't see the outside and don't really care what effect it has on others.

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the full description calls it a manual. photos clearly show an automatic.


The thing is, it's mostly just paint on stock parts, faux carbon fiber bits, tinted tail lights (and headlights?), etc. Engine looks very stock.

And who puts Armorall on their seats these days?


Nothing of any real substance.

The only thing that's really custom... is the stereo...


For $31,900 you could probably get a real Mustang SEMA car. Especially one with so many miles.

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