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Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2


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Does anyone have any experience running these tires? My car is an 07 Super Snake and will see maybe 500 miles a year with minimal track time If any. I'm just looking for a tire that I can track if I find time but still gets straight line acceleration too. It's a toss up between these or mpss.


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I was fortunate to be able to purchase the first two M Sport Cup 2 in 325 30 20 that came to North America back in March of 14 and it is hands down the best rear Street/Track tire that I have used on my 08 GT500 to date. The 325 MSC-2 fits perfect on a 11" to 11.5" rim, (I have a 11.5" rim and my friend has the MSC-2 on a 11" rim).

It is the quietest and most comfortable tire that I have run thus far and when the Sport Cup 2 is up to operating temperature the street/track grip is very positive with confidence inspiring characteristics. Don't expect them to perform well when cold pavement and cold tire conditions exist, they will spin like any other performance street tire, I am at 740 RWHP.

In my second season I am finding wear to be very good for such a performance tire. I want to add that I have been caught in numerous rainstorms and these tires do perform reasonably well and superior to drag radials when driven in rain conditions within reason.

I run a 255 35 20 MPSS up front FYI.

When these tires eventually wear I will replace them with the same.

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