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Sgt/sc Fs- #csm059 Cloth Interior


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I think with the miles you could steal that car for $27K or so, but I do not think the owner will get much more then that.


Even $27K you will have to find the right buyer. Hope I am wrong.....


I agree. This is a pretty rare car. I happen to know of the shop where the engine work was done. Very reputable and honest. They are primarily a Saleen shop but work on anything.

If you could get it for mid 20's, I would drive it for a while and then spend the money to take it back to stock. With the mileage, you could still drive and enjoy it as the current owner is vs. a delivery mile car.

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Yep Steve, this was the one I asked you about. I only backed off as it was not a SA factory SC. If it was, I would be all over it.

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