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Need A Console Armrest.....06 To 09.....and Other Stuff......


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My son & family have just returned to the mainland after 4 years suffering for the US Coast Guard in Hawaii. He's shipping back his 06 Mustang GT convertible and wants to do some "fixer-up" stuff on it when it shows back up. It's not a premium, but a deluxe, which means no leather interior--and a rather plain interior at that. There's a jillion billet trim options he can put on, so dressing it up inside won't be a problem. Although it's spend all of it's life in HI (he bought it used), it's fared rather well. The items showing the most wear are the console lid armrest and the non-leather steering wheel. I'm trying to talk him into a GT500 wheel, but the console lids are crazy $$$ ! Also, he has a small hole poked in the front bumper cover--I'm pushing for him to buy a California Special bumper cover to replace it......


Everything on the island was so expensive to get it there, he wouldn't do any mods until he got it home.....


Anybody got some interior parts to sell? What's a good online salvage yard? Nothing local has anything remotely current!


Thanks in advance

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You can try some of the other forums such as svt or allfordmustangs, things for sale on there. Also a lot of parts on eBay and Amazon if you haven't look there. There are plenty of sites on the internet that cater to the mustang Shelby crowd too. Good luck post spme pics when you can, would love to see the car.

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