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Sad Day For Two Reasons Today!

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Today my beautiful, trouble-free, well maintained 2014 SHELBY GT500 left my house after been sold with 3700 Miles on it.


2 weeks ago when I had a firm buyer, I stopped using the car in order to keep it safe before the new owner committed to it, and I mistakenly left the fuel tank with 3 miles to empty!


Today when the new owner picked up the car to take it on a long journey back to its new home, he got stuck with an ENGINE LIGHT and misfiring...


We troubleshoot and could not figure why that happened, as I absolutely never ever had any issues with the car before. After giving some thoughts, I remembered I actually left the tank to almost empty for almost 4 weeks and when we started the car this morning the Engine light came on.


BACKGROUND: The car had a STEEDA 93 OCT tune on it, with all stock parts (JUST a TUNE).


Before the new owner left my house, we decided to first clear the code with the SCT tuner. Light went off and off he went. 3 miles later he calls me desperately to advise that the car started acting on him (misfiring and light was back on).


After carefully thinking of what did I do to the car on the past weeks, I remembered that that car actually had 3 miles to EMPTY and since I did not want to drive it, I used 4 gallons of gas I had in a gas container I kept in the house for my machines (also 93 oct fuel) but 6 or more months old in the plastic container.


When he stopped because the car would not go properly, we reverted back to STOCK FACTORY TUNE and off he went and light went off. He also gas-up full tank with 93 OCT. I kept in communication BECAUSE I feel SO VERY BAD...and new owner told me that the car is driving beautifully, however the steady engine light is back on!




Anyone have any explanation?


Thank you,




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Flush the tank with fresh gas, disconnect battery for 40 or so minutes to clear all codes, reconnect battery and it should be good to go. Suffered a bad gas issue a few weeks back on an '07 and after two tanks of fresh gas it was fine.



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What code was thrown? Same code each time?


Yeah, let's start with the code.


What code or codes did it throw?




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If the gas was an ethanol mix that was the problem. It has a short shelf life. The ethanol is hydroscopic and it probably had water in it.

+1 especially with so little fuel in the tank. Better to keep the tank full and add stabilizer.

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