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2014 Gt500 Stock Exhaust Questions

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I am planning on upgrading my exhaust system, but I have a few questions before I start picking and choosing what I want to purchase.


Are the stock catalytic converters hi-flow?

What is the exhaust system pipe with from the cat back? 3"?

How many chambers does the stock GT500 muffler have?

Does anyone know where there's a sound click of a stock GT500 with resonators deleted?


Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a 2014 GT500, I put the off road H pipe on and that's it. I couldn't see Ford putting a restrictive muffler on a car where they had to put Cats on and still get 662 HP. The H pipe flows really well and the sound is second to none.

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I have a 2014 GT500 as well with just under 4000 miles. Everything I have read or viewed on You Tube, states that GT500 use high flowing CATs and the exhaust system is 2.75" ID. I installed a K&N cold air intake to remove the factory baffled air intake that eliminates the sound of the super charge spooling up, whine, above 4000 RPM's. At the same time, I installed a Borla S-Type CAT back exhaust system, 2.75" ID due to my taste in visual appeal of the quad rolled edge exhaust tips. The Boral system sounds more evil than the factory sound, deeper notes through out the exhaust band, no droning at highway speeds and very quite during city driving. Adding the Borla system along with the K&N cold air intake really it woke up the engine even more, if that is even possible. Throttle response and torque has definitely improved.

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