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Mufflers Problem

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Hi All,


After some maintenance work on my car last Saturday I found that my mufflers are rusty as hell.

It looks like they will hold for an other 2 year but then I need new ones and here is my problem.


After some research i found out that the 2006 & 2007 have the same mufflers M-5230-GTA

The problem is that are out of the production. Does some know were I can get a new set?







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I have mine in a box that I took off my SGT about 2 or 3 years ago. They prob have about 10k miles on them and are in excellent condition. I replaced them with the FRPP GT500 KR mufflers for a different sound.


Let me know if interested in a bargain price.



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Yes, they are (were) poor quality mufflers. One of my brackets rusted off and broke and could not be repaired. I ended up replacing mine w/ the "Shelby Turbos" (Borlas) that were sold at SPP at the time. They are really great sounding and high quality.


Having said that, I still have the old ones that I'm keeping since I keep all the original parts. There is probably some way to weld that bracket on ... someday ... if I want to.

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Thanks everybody.


Larry I have tried Ebay but no luck and thanks for the link.

Andy, i will keep it in mind.

Ilmore, I had the same problem about 4 years ago. I was had luck with welding them back on.


Let me have a think about it and i will get back.

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For what it is worth, the driver side muffler broke on my 07 its remaining hanger at the weld this spring and it was just hanging there. I did some searches on Craiglist under Mustang and came up with a new set that had never been installed and paid $150 for them. They are out there - although maybe not in the Netherlands......

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