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Koni challange at Lime Rock on Speed TV


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You know, 75 pounds doesn't sound like much, but over a 2.5 hour race. It adds up. What's that the straight line kids say? 100 pounds adds a tenth to one's quarter mile times??? Hmmm. That's a tenth over a quarter mile. The track at Lime Rock is 1.53 miles. So 100 pounds could equate to 6 tenths... so at 75 pounds... 6 times .75 is 4.5 seconds.


OK, ok, so it's not 4 to 5 seconds each lap... but you can see it DOES factor in. Math class.... DISMISSED!


And yes, Dorsey is one cool fool. He needs to get his rump out there on the track. I love to watch that cat.

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Well, if memory serves... The Stang won the championship in '05. They put a restriction on the engine (forget the details now, but less hp) and we know what happened there. The highest finishing team was Rehagen Racing... 11th! In '07 the #5 car flat out won the first 3 races on the schedule.


Hence the 75 pound hit...

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