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New Member - Bay Area, California


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Hi everyone,


Happy to be a part of the forum! Been a TS forum lurker for a couple years but wanted to finally join! Planning to attend the Shelby Memorial Classic in Danville tomorrow! Glad to be a part of the forum!


Here's mine:


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Thanks everyone! Glad to be a part of it. It was great meeting many of you on Saturday.


Mike, I'm in the San Jose area. How about yourself?


Welcome to the forum. Where abouts on the Pacific Coast??




Thanks! It seems like it, I had a blast on Saturday! Some awesome cars and great to meet some of the guys!


Welcome to TS. I am in the Monterey area. Could not make Blackhawk but I am sure our paths will cross. Pacific Coast Region is very active.

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Well welcome new member Mr. B when I saw that you were going to be at the Danville gathering I which I knew about it because I have a list of all the Events in our area, but now I see it's missing a few. We have a get together at Elio's Restaurant in San Leandro starting in April through October on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month open to all. I guess it would be something like coffee and cars or something like that. I must admit when I seen your photos I just could not resist on sending some of mind I guess that's understandable when you own one of these. Just a shot out that I will be at the Good Guys this weekend showing the car and trying to meet some of you out there. Rod




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Wow this is going to be a riot like we use to say I think I'm feeling a little Extreme and welcome back to you I'm from the Bay Area about 30 miles across from San Francisco.

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