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Power Loss After Clutch Install??

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First, allow me to thank the forum members for their insight and experience which greatly helped me in both the selection and installation of my new McLeod RXT clutch with a lightweight flywheel.


A special thanks to Grabber for all his posts and the technical specs I found to help us bleed the clutch after the install.


Here's my issue...

My ’07 GT500 is stock (yes, I know I put a 1000 HP Clutch on a 500 HP car), but prior to the TSB Clutch failing, it always seemed like the supercharger was immediately under my foot. Any gear, any RPMs, when I blipped the throttle, it immediately answered with boost, and immediately pinned you in your seat. I am still breaking in the clutch, but luckily the weather has been great and my GT500 is a Convertible, so it's been a great excuse for my wife and I to be out and about shifting gears. However, now, when I blip the throttle, I don't get any boost. Even when I push into a gear with 1/2 throttle, I don't get any boost. It's not until I am really committed to running that it will give me boost. Honestly, it's acting more like turbo lag than anything else. This has left me driving on all motor, which granted isn't bad, but it certainly will not pin you into your seat.


Through the research on these forums and the application of general physics, it would seem that while a lighter weight flywheel will allow for the motor to turn faster and result in less parasitic loss in the driveline, it is also possible that it is enough that the supercharger isn't reacting and everything is staying in the by-pass?


Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Given a stock GT500, did I screw-up going with the lightweight flywheel? Is there a "fix" that isn't going to cost me $1,000?


I love my car and worked hard to be able to afford it so it's really aggravating me that something I did might be the reason why she's lost a step.


Any thoughts?



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That isn't from a light flywheel, they just don't do that. You'll notice a quicker rev with the clutch in or in neutral with a lightened flywheel but that's about it.


Did you by some chance pinch, break, tear or remove the vacuum hose at the rear of the intake/supercharger to the by-pass valve?


You're describing symptoms of something more along those lines.




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After the pushing, pulling, and tugging to get the trans out, I would say that anything is possible. I will check the back of the SC and see if I can trace that line.



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Good advise. When I was going to do my clutch, it became apparent that the engine was going to have to be tipped so far back against he fire wall that something was going to get crushed no matter how careful we were. Put it back together and took it to the dealer...

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