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What's The Best Buy. 2012 Shelby Gt500 Vs 2015 50Th Anniversary Mustang


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I have a dilemma. There are three mustangs I looked at but can only buy one and need help which one to buy. All are around same price. Two Shelbys are 2012 and both Lina blue,one has only 785 miles no navigation second has 6670 miles with navigation. And last is a brand new 2015 50th Anniversary Edition in white. Any suggestion for best investment. Thank you. Len.

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Don't look at them as investments. They are more like enjoyment friends, where you don't mind spending money with friends.


If you look at past anniversary models (1984, 2004, etc....) they tend to be nice, but have a small following as they get older.


I believe the "market" is wider (your investment) on the nameplate "Shelby", so your friend may hold a higher value because of the broader interest in the market.


Go with the Shelby..............

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