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Shelby Dakota Number 404, Decision Time.

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Well, I bought this Red S Dak number 404 back in 2007 and for the most part it has been sitting. Engine leaks coolant out the back of the engine somewhere. I am in the process of buying a new house that will have at least a 3 car garage and a slot for it. The 2 car I have is not enough room. So, I am thinking its time to get this truck restored. I have all the parts now as I have collected them over the years. Hopefully the values don't go down because I have a feeling it may cost a pretty penny. Every once in awhile I get a message on the windshield or a knock on the door asking if its for sale but so far I have been reluctent to sell it. Just thought I would chat out loud.



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I know the feeling of the reluctance to sell a car, especially when its worth more to you than a number could compensate for - or, for that matter, if its not worth enough to overcome that barrier of your attachment to it.

I would love to see it by the way if possible! A few pictures (I didn't view your profile prior to typing this right now in case the pictures are already there).

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