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Oem Wheel

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Have you looked into repairing it? I had one fixed by Dent Wizard shop and it looked fantastic. The 19" non-svtpp wheels are not cheap...just ask the dealership.


If repairing doesn't work, I will have two 2011 stock 19x9.5 wheels for sale in in a about a month. I haven't listed them yet...PM me if you are interested.

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I rashed my 2010 wheel bad but took it to a repair place and it came out perfect, expensive about 150 bucks but a lot cheaper than a new wheel. I also bought the correct Duplicolor spray paint at an auto parts store and gave it to them. The correct match for the 2010 is Duplicolor NG FM 360 DARK SHADOW GREY MET.

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I agree with the repair recommendations above. In the past, I had considered buying a spare wheel for the GT500, in case I curbed one, but when my wife curbed a nice alloy rim on our MDX, I paid to have it repaired and I was floored at how well it turned out. I am VERY fussy when it comes to this stuff, and I even had the wheel repair shop put the repaired MDX rim out in the sun to closely examine it. I could not pick out where they had done the work. After that I decided against buying a spare rim, as a high quality wheel repair service would suffice should I ever scuff one on the 500.

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