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Shelby Sgt Brake Upgrade

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Does anyone know what brake grade is available if one wants to retain the 18" wheels?

Advice to "search this forum" is good advice. There are so many parameters to consider. Let's begin with;


Identify the 18" wheel you want to retain?

(Note: that the Shelby GT came with two types of wheels in stock form. Are you asking about stock wheels?)


What are your driving needs?

(Note: Daily driver only? Local streets and short trips? 50% Highway driving? Occasional track use? Frequent track use?)


What is your budget, if any?


Do you want to rebuild/reconstruct your present brake components for improved performance?

(Note: Any objection to using remanfactured parts?)


Do you want to dress up your system?

(Note: painted/powdercoated calipers, chrome/ polished stainless steel hardware?)


Do you have a brake system in mind and want advice on that system?


See what is meant by "search"? There are so many variables, you need to be more specific to get good advice. Once you do this, many will step in to guide you. First, help yourself by helping us help you?


See? It's all so easy...


Y'all be safe.

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