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Blue And White Gt350 Shelby American Shirts

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Does anyone know where I can purchase this? I attached a pic.




Ya SAi had them when the first year G.T 350 was introduced , there also was a black one. I have both.& haven`t seen any for sale anywhere, you might be in luck if you check with Robert Lane he may have one.

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I plan to wear a 50th Anniversary shirt as being shown in the Shelby Store during the next year when my 1966 GT350 is out and about. The shirt does not designate 50 year start date! :cool:



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What do you mean next year when its basically summer time on Oahu year round? I'd be driving it all the time out there


Don't know if you have one but to enjoy the great scenery driving around Oahu you need a Conv. or Cobra... maybe not the Cobra they are not such great handling but just recently on the new Factory Fives you can get the current S550 Mustang's IRS on the Cobra and that would make a huge difference in cornering

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Lots of toys to drive year around on Oahu. For top down, we take the wife's recently restored red '65 Mustang GT convertible. For zoom-zoom days and the desire for occasional a/c, we cruise in the 2011 GT350 or take to a car show as we did on Labor Day. Just finishing up the restoration on the 1966 GT350 for next year and more cruising. The 66 takes more time and effort as there are no shortcuts to fixing all the bad work done by previous owners. But it can't wait to play again!


Unfortunately, with regard to the GT350 SA short, they only have a big bunch of size small. Obviously, no one took a good look at the size of the majority of us GT350 owners! Looks like the larger(largest) sizes when out first quickly.

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