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Outside Mirror Upgrade

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Has anyone done a outside mirror upgrade/mod using the 2011-2012 outside mirrors on their 2007- 2008 Shelby GT?


I'm thinking about doing this and would like to see some pics from anyone who has done it and also find out what parts are needed to make it a complete swap out.


I'm thinking about using just the standard mirror units and not getting the ones with the "spotter" lens.

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I've seen the APR but I am staying away from "the carbon fiber" trim look (I'd just go crazy with it). I would like to see how the lines of the later mirror look with the earlier S197 body lines. I like the paint matched mirror skull caps as well. Looking for pics of it being done.

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I swapped the factory mirrors on my 2008 which are ugly to Agent 47 Racing mirrors which look great. You lose minimal viewing range but that's it


They can come paint matched or flat Black


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Did the Agent47 mirrors before - looking for something different and follows the body lines of the car.

NONE of the Ford mirrors follow the lines of the car not even on the 2015. The Challenger mirrors would look good on the Mustang and is maybe what Saleen is using now

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Thanks - great info!


Now to find out who has the best prices on the Ford part numbers.



New take off.com has them from 154 with only power no heat option, to 255 for heated and with pony light. several options from what I can see. I wonder what the dealers are asking for them as well, Might check the JY also. I'm sure there are plenty there,

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I just ordered both outside 2010+ mirror assemblies (base electric/no heat/no spot mirrors) and PTM caps shipped and tax for $228.


Part numbers;






I do have a set of Vista Blue 2005-2009 painted mirror caps that I bought awhile back from American Muscle (still new in box) that I'll sell for $50 shipped. PM me if you are interested.

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