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You can use these sites for a guideline if you want but the final price how much someone is willing to pay for it and what the market will bear








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Just out of curiosity I checked mine and apparently it's worth 26k hehe.


I think I MAY have seen one or two that low but that was generally with higher mileage 70k or up.


Mine has barely 10k miles... and i bought it with 6k miles for 30k


OP I think Ebay is a good gauge to what they're selling for.


I wouldn't sell my car for 26k but I guess it would depend on if you really needed to sell it.


I've seen '08 models go from 30 to 36k depending on the condition so I'd say in that ball park.


But at 36k you'll probably be waiting a while.


I sold my '07 with 7k miles on it for 32k about a year or so ago.

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I bought my '08 vert in sept 2015 for 35.5k I felt it was a good price considering the upgrades it had and only 5,200 miles

I'm very happy with It even tho it's whole sale price is only 26-29k.

By the way I just replaced the lower control arms and just like everyone said... No wheel hop! That first burn out was glorious!

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