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Oil Separators And The Ss Upgrade

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Anybody using oil separators (JLT or Bob's) with their '13-'14 SuperSnakes?


One or both sides?


Any issues with fit?


Any noticed change, positive or negative?

Not converted yet, that happens next month, but I was told they wouldn't have any trouble with my Bob's oil separator. I like the Bob's but now that JLT has redesigned their innards and catches oil better, I'd be tempted to go that route because it's easier to drain. I think Shelby sells a knockoff of the JLT but I don't know if they redid the innards like JLT did theirs. Point being, if Shelby sells them as an add on then I'd feel pretty good with the fit.


As far as sides, from researching a ton, there isn't a lot to catch on the drivers side. Most people feel pretty good only running with the passenger side.


I have noticed zero change in performance on my non SS gt500, but I did drain it a month or two ago after 12-1400 miles and I got almost a Dixie cup full of oil. Not sure what the would have done but over time I'm sure the build up doesn't help things if I didn't have the separator.

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The JLT filter was the only change, not the can itself. It does catch oil better now though.


The Shelby separator performs on par with the JLT, the only thing with the shelby unit is it's more of a pain to drain the oil.


There are two screens and the bottom one (fine mesh) is difficult to remove.

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