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Any Shelby Get Togethers In Dfw Area


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The Shelby Cobra Association of Texas is a fantastic group of folks. Jeff Sol and all the gang....


Many of the Mustang folks gather at Cars and Coffee on the first Saturday of the month. It's a really busy event, however, and if you don't get there early to park, forget it. (early being 6:30am)




The Morning Maniacs are a neat group of folks with a few Mustangs.




And, of course, the North Texas Mustang Club(NTMC) always have something going on.




The SVT Club is also a good group of folks.



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Hey Jeffrey....I am trying to get the Houston based group from SCAT to join us every 3rd Sat for breakfast. Maybe the rain them kept away from first one in March. Rain predicted for the 2nd one this Sat. Anyway, if you could help let them know this is monthly GTG every 3rd Sat and they are more than welcome to attend. We also try to do a drive to somewhere, anywhere after breakfast. Thanks for any help you can give!!

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I am in the DFW area now and hoping to find all the local owners. Any official meetings or events?


In addition to the previous posts about local owners/meetings/events, there are some folks in this forum(Texas Forum) that meet --- SuzieQ(I think) helps to get everyone together...



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