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2015 Shelby Gt Featured In New Bfgoodrich Ad Campaign

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Michelin owns BFGoodrich. SAI chose Michelin tires for the SGT as Michelin is the premium line of tires.



When did Michelin buy BF Goodrich? I use both companies tires on different Mustangs and BF Goodrich is the ONLY manufacturer who offers great performance tires at reasonable prices so I hope it stays that way

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Like this........................

I'm still debating between the 2015 Shelby GT and the 2015 Saleen 302 Black Label that is if they can build them and I like both cars for different reasons and no I don't play favoritism either. I'm leaning towards the Shelby GT because it keeps more of the new Mustang's body lines than Saleen's kit. If you look at the White and Yellow Label cars both keep the Mustang's new look however the front-end on the Black Label is just killing it for me and looks 90 percent like the Camaro. I like the Challenger's muscle look but can't stand the Camaro so I have no idea what Saleen was thinking. I like the 2015 Mustang AS IS so I prefer the Shelby GT look however that grille is my complaint it just looks odd. I guess if you paint match it you might not notice it but it for sure looks off

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My Ford dealer is suggesting these as a replacement for my 2008's stock OEM tires, which are getting a bit worn with only 33,000 miles and are are about 9 years old now. He said they don't make the OEM G-Force T/A's anymore.

I just checked Tire Rack and don't see the old tires offered there either.

How do these compare, ride-wise to the stock BF Goodrich's?

I have tried to keep my SGT completely stock, but am a little concerned about the age of the stock rubber.


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