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Shelby Dakota Smec?


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Hello! I'm am brand new to forums, I've lost hope and I am Trying to get help on replacing a burnt impossible to find SMEC or ECM for a 1989 Shelby Dakota is why we've been parked for two years, mine burnt up, I've been through various Dodge Ram computers at a cost of over a thousand, trying to stay stock, I have a 6 cyl ecm that allows me to move the truck in and out of the garage, but to drive it is near impossible. MY ORIGINAL ECM IS BEYOND REPAIR AND IT IS NOT AN OPTION. I was wondering if anyone knew part numbers of An EcM that works for them. I've been told it's not worth anything and how much I should change it, blah blah blah, that's your opinion. I'm looking for help, it's the prettiest, coolest sounding, lawn ornaments that I have ever had. Help ---- mark. (Parked since 2012)

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Haven't the faintest idea what the difference is, I've been through many other model dodge ecms and a few did nothing, a few went up in smoke, one caught fire. It's different. Lookin for help and to stay on topic. I've read that a d150 ecm can work, I would just have to put a fan switch in, I've burnt up several different ones trying. Looking for someone with experience or an offering that's all. Thanks

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