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Tpms Sensor Going On And Off


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i have an after market wheel on my gt500 a 295-30-20 on the back and a 255-35-20 in the front. for 2 year i never had issue with the tpms sensor, i never add or reduce the tire pressure i just simply left it alone. The shaking started happening about a year ago, but i never really got around to take it to the shop since i didn't drive the car that often and i was always busy. but anyways 3 days i go i had my wheel re balance and it was a major difference in the cabin.

last night i was out and when i was going home i saw that it just finished raining(more like a showers) but i had no choice but to drive the car(about 15 miles away from my house) and when i was parking the car the tpms just went off. i check the tire pressure on all tire and there all pretty much the same at 28 psi(yeah that's what the recommend psi on the tires, not the typical 34 psi from the factory) today i drove the car around and the tmps would turn off, i thought it fix the problem but after a couple of miles it went back on again. finally i took it to the gas station and added air on all tire to 30 psi, but no luck the sensor is still on.

what could be the problem here?

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You might try putting the recommended air pressure in the tires to see if the light goes out then. You can always let air out later, but the sensors are designed to activate at 75% of factory recommended tire pressure (or 25% overinflation). Is the light on solid or is it flashing?

Most tire shops have a device to read sensors and can tell you if/which sensor(s) have an issue. Some may charge for such a service, but at least you will know. I do it all the time at my store and don't charge to do it.

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how should one test a bad tpms?

As mentioned above, A friendly tire store will walk out with their hand held unit and check/test each TPMS. After a determination of which unit has an issue, it's not worth messing with anymore. Just have them replace it, or you could try nitrogen in all four tires and see if the problem goes away. It very well may. Edited by cmcmotorworks
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