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There are a couple good posts in the SGT section that can answer your question.


In fact, your profile picture (Berg Snake/Shelby) is something I designed/sized to place over the steering wheel badge of the SGT as round cutout, after placing it over a "Steeda" cover badge that is specifically designed to cover the embossed Mustang badge. The actual sticker is chrome/UV Black.

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I would like to remove my stock horn badge on my 2007 SGT and put on a GT badge. Any ideas on how to remove.

Reading your post I'm assuming that you are referring to the centre badge/logo in the centre of the airbag cover.


If that is what you are referring to then it is easy to replace as it is made of very thin tin or aluminium and you just have to gently pry it from the cover. It has 5 or 6 small claws which hold it in place but removing it may cause it to get damaged.


If you are not too concerned then you have lots of options for putting on various replacements(lots on e-bay for example) but most would have to be stuck on.


I hope that this helps a little!

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