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Shaker Radio Problems?


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Shaker 500 radios tend to eat the plastic gears in the CD player. Cheaper to buy form a used radio dealer like Discount OEM Radios . If you keep getting a drained battery, fix KEEP ALIVE MEMORY Module. More then likely radio ate the cd gears and ruined the radio. Now go to a certified electronic guy and get the KMA fixed. Fixing the radio usually is 300 bucks plus shipping two ways. Cheaper to buy a warranted used radio. My 2 cents. I bought a warrented used radio.. Also check your drainage if battery keeps going dead. Remove ground on battery and watch the draw. Take out one fuse at a time until you see the high draw go to tiny increments. If it is over 1.14 it is a wiring problem or radio. Mine was the radio. :clapping:

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so is this a problem if you don't use the CD player but leave it all plugged in as it was from the factory?


Shaker500 radios are prone to get the "CD error" when the car battery is on the weak side of charge. Ince it starts acting up, it will continue until you fix it, replace it or unplug it.


Radio functions as original except there is no CD function at all. Just think of the Shaker500 without the use of the CD player. In doing so, the radio does not keep hunting and making lots of racket which drains the battery.


All other features work, station settings, time, aux plug in.....

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That is interesting to know. Thanks for the info. I'm the second owner of my '09 and I don't think I've even bothered listening to the radio at all which is still set with the original owner's stations. Sirius keeps calling me and sending letters wanting me to turn the satellite radio on, but I keep telling them I bought it to listen to the exhaust and not the radio.

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