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Supersnake Warranty

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Yesterday I had to cash in on the warranty that comes with the SS package from SAI. I picked mine up Nov'14 and had her at the local Ford dealer yesterday/today going through services. I have put about 4K miles on her since the delivery and this was the first services I had done since.


Dealer tech's noticed a leak on my rear diff (upgraded to the 3.73 gears) and a loose lug stud on one of the wheels. I contacted Ralph and Lewis (warranty guy) at SAI, and they worked directly with the dealer to get all the paperwork taken care of for the SAI warranty on the SS parts/work.


We decided the best option was for me to cover the costs of repair along with my service cost and SAI would "reimburse" me for it. This was the fastest/easiest way for the dealer to release the car back to me. I figured the low cost of the repair would likely be what I am going to spend at SAI gift shop during the Bash next week.


So far (should be picking up car today) the process was pretty painless. Ralph and Lewis at SAI were quick to help and easy to work with. I would recommend to all new SS owners to actually put some miles on your cars, and check all the moving parts before your SS warranty runs out. Hope this was helpful.

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