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14 G T S 0037 For Sale


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This beauty was found by a TS member and shared to the GTS Owner's Group on Facebook. Not sure of the price or if it was converted by someone and traded in, or if the dealer had it converted; but it sure is pretty and I have certainly not seen this color combo on a GTS. If someone is interested in a V8 GTS this might be your car since there are no more V8 GTS builds. Enjoy!










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The description says naturally aspirated with 525 horsepower. Yeah, right. The production breakdown says the only 2014 DIB was naturally aspirated with 430 hp. Also says it was a museum delivery car so previous owner must have traded it in.

Double checked and yes this car is a 430hp version so not sure where the 525hp came from. Also the $17k in upgrades is a little misleading as that figure includes the GTS package. This GTS has about $4.5k in additional cost upgrades.


With 196 miles its pretty much a brand new car and certainly is rare. Looks like its been previously advertised at $79,500 not sure what the current asking price is.



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I think it is a beautiful GTS. I like the side stripe on the 11-12's better than the 13-14's but that is all personal preferance. Since it was very likely a trade in (why with such low miles??? geeze!!) may be that the dealer got duped on the hp #s.

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