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Grille Receiver Wings 2011 Wanted


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Does anyone know where I can get just the grille receiver wings for a 2010-2012 shelby?

The 2 plastic pieces that screw on to the front grille on either side of the cobra.


I have the aluminum wings just need the receivers.


Billet Pro Shop doesn't make them anymore and Shelby only sells the whole kit.



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OK trying a different approach

Bought a 2007-2009 receiver and going to mount it on my 2011. The wings will be away from the grille but will be parallel to cobra. It may look good or it may look bad.

Any thoughts


I bought a early style receiver for my 2010 and here's how I'd do it:


Pull the existing Cobra off, bolt the '07-'09 receiver onto the '10 one, then put the Cobra and wings on it. It appears I'd have to cut/grind some of the perimeter ridge off of the OE mount for the wings to lay across, possibly the entire ridge which essentially ruins your grille since it's all one piece.


It would keep the wings a slight distance from the grille but I don't think anyone would see it unless they get really close.




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