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Dyno Video For My '09 At The Performance Factory


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Finally got finished with all the work to the '09 and while it is a blast to drive, I kept having an uneasy feeling like the car just was not running correctly when it was in the boost. Boy was I right. Take a look at the before and after:




Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the results. Before we started tuning, the air/fuel mixture was way off and the car was running dangerously lean. I feel lucky that I caught this in time before a major problem occurred. We have a few places around town that have mobile dyno machines and one with an in ground rear drum dyno, but The Performance Factory is the only one that has a full chassis dyno... the same type used by IMSA teams and is arguably the most accurate you can get as it simulates real road conditions by spinning up the front wheels (additional un-sprung weight) as well as the rear. The owner mentioned that chassis dyno machines will typically read a little lower than a rear drum dyno, but frankly I could care less what the number is. End result, she pulls like a freight train! :shift:

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Very nice improvement! What was the AFR before & after? Can't quite read your sig, who tuned it originally?




AFR before was 13.5:1 and we dropped it back to 12.4:1. The original tune was an SCT tune that came with the JLT cold air kit/pulley. Man.... was it way off the mark.

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