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Sgt And Gt-H Heritage Auction Items


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If you ever wanted tangible proof about the enduring impact of the GT-H and first SGT,

just go to SA's ebay site:




As you can see by the bidding activity, the SGT and GT-H items get more action. This is

not a fluke, as I have been monitoring/bidding/buying items there for quite a while now.

Same story. My clue as to why can also be seen with the items that are tied to the original

GT-350. They also get the bids. I have always felt that the ties between the two will always

be stronger when comparing to other SA or SVT products. Mod for mod, production/racing

history, and looks included: the links between the generations are amazing.



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If I were part of Shelby I would recognize that as free product research. We consistently buy whatever we can when it is available even this far out in the timeline. We even ask for items (like the GT H t shirt). We are the rabid Shelby folks who first recognized the significance of them building a Mustang again. I couldn't wait to get one.


I wish Shelby would re-release some of these items. They won't languish if properly produced. We keep proving our loyalty.

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I'm surprised that the KR Heritage items have absolutely 0 bids. Just saying.

Jeff, I am surprised as well, given the historical fact of it being the only

car that has both SVT and SAI (pre-title) roots. Not to jack up the price,

but I would think the KR folk would like them as part of their collection.



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