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Looking To Improve Cooling W/ Supercharger..on The Cheap!


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Was just wondering if a couple simple changes will make any difference in cooling since we all know a cooler mixture is a more powerful one.


Not looking to replace the SC radiator or add electric fans.. I know that would defiantly do it..





1. Would a larger fluid reservoir with more coolant (I assume) reduce temps?


2. Is there a better fluid to use other than what came with the car?


Like I said not looking to get too involved here but would do the above if worth while.

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Well... You can do it the "right way" and achieve cooler temps in the SC, or you can try a number of different ways to attempt to achieve cooler temps in the SC. Go for the heat exchanger and be done with it the first time. Larger reservoir will help some and you might find a couple of cooler degrees from different fluids. Nothing will cool as efficiently as an upgraded heat exchanger with two big puller fans on the back.

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