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Shelby Gt - Naturally Aspirated Package

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I was very happy to see Shelby offer an upgrade package for the new Mustang GT, especially noting that you could get an automatic version. There were some comments about the cost of the complete package with supercharger bringing the car close to a GT350/500 model coming down the line.


I may be missing something here on the marketing side, but has it occurred to anyone within the Shelby Management Team that a naturally aspirated package with a 90 day turn around from delivery to customer pick-up might get the juices flowing again and increase demand. Since the 2007-08 model year I think most of us got spoiled with the packages offered under $15K.


I am not in the market for replacing my SGT/BJ Vert, but would certainly be more inclined to buy if SAI could figure out how to build them faster at a reasonable price and it not take over a year to get delivery.


Have you thought about doing this and gearing up like the 2007-08 run of Shelby GT Mustangs on this new 2015 model line in a version that is not so dang expensive that it doubled the price of the base car with less options and so forth.


This is not a bash the New Leadership Team, but production numbers seem to certainly have dropped. Just my thoughts. Anyone else out there think there should be another option?????


Kind Regards....... GG

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I agree, but think the issue is price point. If they made an N/A it would still be $20-25K, that is C7/GT350 pricing. I don't think we will ever see pricing as low as the Shelby Hertz or Shelby GT come out of SAI. The only way they got those prices low was through the production numbers. It doesn't appear Ford or SAI are interested in going down that road again.


Time will tell!!!

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production numbers have dropped due to cost rather than time to finish as I would always wait to have it done right but the 15 costs well above anything else compared to it

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