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Supercharger Issue ??


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Hi all, so I have a question.


Recently, I was driving to a patient's house, was cruising at highway speed, put the car in 6th and everything appeared fine. Car was around 2k RPM's. I pressed on the gas to get around another vehicle and a loud screechy noise came out of the front of the car. I downshifted and didn't see anymore problems.


So, now, it seems like the Supercharger belt is slipping, thought it was just weird that the loud noise only came when the RPM's were lower. Lets say I'm in 3rd gear, around 2 to 2.5k RPM and step on the gas, engage the boost....RPM's go up, boost gauge goes up, loud noise happens, but the car doesn't respond. The RPM's will drop back to where they were and the car "catches up". The loud screechy noise only lasts for a second or two. If the car is above 3k RPM's, the boost still engages, the RPM's go up without the car responding, then the car catches up, but no loud noise.


This is my first car with a supercharger so not sure what to look for. The belt looks okay to me, but again, not really sure what to look for. The car is stock. although I have been looking at changing the pulley to a 2.4.


I can take a video of what happens if that will help. Wanted to check here first before going to my Ford dealer.


Thanks all

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Yep, sounds like clutch. Makes sense for lower RPM, engine creating lots of torque there. As the engine spins faster, the weights on the clutch springs are creating more centrifugal force, putting more force on the disc. However soon, that will not hold either and the slipping will get much worse. Slipping belt will normally squeal at higher RPM as more boost is being created making the pulley harder to turn.

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Gotcha, thanks, I was hoping the clutch wasn't the case as it's on it's 3rd clutch. One aftermarket, then one TSB about a year ago. Sharing a link to the sound in a crappy youtube video I took yesterday, just to show everyone the sound it's making. Looks like I'm clutch shopping again. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the input.


http://youtu.be/RSR8ecCwnkQ Link to youtube video for sound

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My 2nd clutch before Ford performed the TSB was a Mcleod RXT and flywheel. I had a local shop do it, they must have done something wrong, because immediately after picking the car up had issues with grinding into gears and so forth. I have heard nothing but good things from other Shelby owners regarding those clutches.


Question, I still have that clutch setup, do you think Mcleod would rebuild it if I call them? And also, when shopping for a new clutch, do I type in my 07 or do I type in the 2010 model, since that's what Ford put in during the TSB?


Thanks all for your input.

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